Hopeless Sinner


If I ran too far away…Would the thoughts continue to haunt me?  Have I done enough?  Have there been changes due to my recourse?

There is always a loss for me…When avoiding those with less than I!

A young woman!  Do I question how she began her turmoil?  Eight months pregnant!  No more than twenty years old!  Looking for money.  Looking to get back home!  Is it a fable?  Her story laden with the same old…same old!  Young, strung out, pregnant…

I shook her hand and walked away.  Not before, offering her advice about a local church group familiar with persons in her situation.


Could I have done more?


Hopeless Sinner


How harsh the lack of wind?

Nothing but damp hands…

Nomads clinging to all the sins.

Cattle circling ’round a cynical funeral pyre.

And, I am nothing but the biggest critic.

A hoarding heifer on two hoofs.

Living a meaningless mile between home…

And, life without a roof.

Sometimes I nod in the direction to those less preferred by nature.

A hopeless sinner.

I know my place.

Just as soon as I, turn my blind eye…

to save face.


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