Spinster Lee



a book with no spine.

A sisterhood cloaked by falsehoods.

What of the charm?

Belonging to the woman with masks for misdeeds.

How did it feel?

Ignoring the abuse?

Spinster Sister how can shame be the family’s noose.

Your summer winds blow in shallow.

Leaving no taste, no permanence…

That cannot be erased.

A simple twist of fate has ridden on Sister’s shoulders.

Leaving vague traces of morals that have become so sedate.

Sister, you are everywhere.

Propagating with despair.

Saluting all the common trends.

Filling up on nighttime romance novels.

Assuming the position of bliss…as, the end.

Dear Sister, ‘Oh, how you have become your own love letter.’

Now a spinster…

Your better home and garden have fallen.

With all the neglected weeds…not heeded.

Sitting in the loneliness of wanting to feel needed.imageedit_80_2154551777


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