Coveted Cow

I would disparage my hand to see the waste. Often, willing to travel the road in which there is haste. Why do you begrudge me so? Letting the other be? Forbidding what it is I know! No matters for resentment now. The longing for betterment has overruled. Has sullied the coveted cow.


How to Count the Trinkets

How such, the trinkets that clutter my path? What others find useless? Abhorrent items of dimming demise? These treasures, placed alone, but not lonely, discarded by the wise. How often, my impediments to grasp? Behold the brass and trashy ring. Whilst the melee be over seemingly rudimentary things? I suppose, a cherish to all, would-be, … Continue reading How to Count the Trinkets

the Children’s Place

You had to walk, big and tall. In this, the children's place. That is, if you dare walk at all. My loose ends, from blankets of downy despair. Shag, drab, carpeting, coveted the falls. Baneful comforts arrived such as, gypsies in the night. Creature comforts mere flukes. Strings to a grounded kite. This, my children's … Continue reading the Children’s Place

One Good Foot

Useless, this conversation, shrouded in mimed opinion. Impaled words imposed by a right foot wishing to get ahead of itself. Impoverished by motion held in fields of yonder and lore. I could take each step with, post scripts, 'Do not go.' Pray, to acquaintances, 'You have not seen.  What I have come to know.' And, … Continue reading One Good Foot

Shaded Kisses

Pain in the far away awakens, early. Awakens me blurry. Reconfigured steps become cryptic shapes of travels. Journeys from another life. I make myself, as tall as, can be. With desperation escorting me. I wish no sympathy before the yield. That is no part of the big plan. Anguish becomes anger. Anger becomes anguish. A … Continue reading Shaded Kisses