Letting My Impediments Loose

There is a farm, awaiting an oak to tumble and fall. I am not sure... I would have the same glorious, gall. Roughing it out, insidious and meek, hands partaking the thanks... And, the giving. Could I forbade this bulk of life and give it, allowance. Heavy husk may overcome me. And, saunter the words, … Continue reading Letting My Impediments Loose


Chaos and Calm, Collide

In reference to another life, I heard that, IT would always be something. A hiccup, a laugh... or, poorly chosen path. A manner for chaos to collide. And, my body, tossed to one side. Could the specter have been... a Caroler or poet? To this day, I am really not sure which. But deep in … Continue reading Chaos and Calm, Collide