Beneath the Bridge

Shallow is the heartbeat that rages a distended river. Darkened and hearkened, by space and time. A silence to the mossy flow. And,  weathered innocence the only true forgiver. Amidst the cool watery breath. Laps of a sauntering solitude... Await a crested wake. Pockets of  hushed calm within the raging river. Weathered innocence the only … Continue reading Beneath the Bridge


What to Castrate?

If the phrase, 'I am disappointed in you!' Could be castrated. I would hang it upon a wall. Hung high above the impediments of swollen doors. Hung high in a disorderly hall Then, perhaps, an inscription of my own wants...five feet tall. 'Alas, so am I!' In equality,  the tattered room could be made small. … Continue reading What to Castrate?