Broadway Joe

I had to do a little research on this one.  No longer do I watch professional sports!  Living in New England…I tire easily of the constant coverage and donning of red, white and blue.  Everywhere you turn people wearing unnatural colors…combined with camo khakis or a Skittle’s Race Jackets.

But I had begun to wonder…

What was the first, significant, televised advertisement?

And, more importantly, what was the cost?

After very little digging I discovered the following.  I should say…

I became very saddened with the idea that I could remember the quarterback and the questionable…commercial.

The costs of said commercial?  Give or take: $50,000.

The cost today?  Give or take:  $5,200,000

I only have several liberal art degrees…not always in use.  Yet, I could do the math on this one.    I think we could help Puerto Rico pay its electric bill and turn all the lights on!

broadway joe 2


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