As A Home Confides

There have been holes.

Holes in the wall.

Holes to the sky.

Blankets for caressing.

Blankets in which, I could collect my cares.

But within the secrets of dim light…

Somewhere between the darkest hours and fitful sleep.

I am consigned to the sounds.

The sounds of my home, at night.

The purr of a well-loved cat.

The snore of a well-fed dog.

The hum of winter’s heat.

The vibration of a distant car as it moves along.

The echo of love…as it takes a seat.

I have learned, slowly, to appreciate these subtle nuances.

As though, they were…a midnight rendezvous.

Pondering on static.

Listening for surround sounds to…eke through.

With a twist and a muffled turn.

I lay my hand on my lover’s side.

The repetition of her breathing consoles me.

It is in these faint moments…

My loving home confides.


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