Idaho Inmates Out of State by Trevor Booth

Inmate Blogger

My state of incarceration (Idaho) has ran into the same issue they’ve had for decades; overcrowding.  I’m in a GEO prison in Texas about one hour from San Antonio with about 249 others.  We don’t have our property, it sits back in Idaho in some sort of storage.

There is tension among the population in regards to being uprooted and actually going backwards with the limited comforts we did have.  Communication with our loved ones has suffered; the calls are more expensive for less time, visits cost thousands to accomplish, and this current facility there is no email service.

Education is non existent, jobs are limited, and the supposed recreation is horrid.  Not only do we not have our property, but our ability to order what seems to be simple things like cotton swabs or daily vitamins is not an option.  Needless to say Idaho has currently sold this group…

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