American Beauty

Fear no messenger!

Behold the skew with a charm.

A lattice for her mystique.

Infinitely quotable…never disputable.

Only an American Beauty when holding my poor grammar in her hands.

Within seconds she can embellish my pride by provoking a grand stand.

All too often I am composed of complacency to daily duties.

Still, as mystics do, what they do!

My American Beauty can see directly through.

Ceaselessly, I am a pitiful calamity Jane misinterpreting her chores.

I am the forgotten item at a grocery store.

I am a slapstick Jester in the courtship of an American Beauty.

She is a visionary who can see right through me.

but still 4
If I had a star to give, I’d give it to you
Long as you live, would you have the time
To watch it shine, watch it shine
Or ask for the moon and heaven too? ##Jerry Garcia

Limb of Loyalty

Distant cups of love had always been waiting…

willing and able to covet me.

Still, the fortress is pre-made.

A limb from a different kind of loyalty.

Erected of stick and stone.

Embedded upon a ‘last supper’ divided amid…

‘you are on your own.’

I cannot easily locate a trace of love’s loyalty…

higher than embankments shrouded in hypocrisy.


Perhaps, it sets higher in the broken branch of just one tree.


the Enamel of Spring

Cavity to a relic bone…

cool cold sets in…dismal and encouraging.

Not among wealth but amid slothful home.

I am ravished in petty accolades.

Never left…unto my own.

Westerly winds itch at the hem of spring’s fertile making of a fool.

However, April promises an essential maverick.

Light of day eases winter’s shame.

Offspring from a December’s nap come out for play.

They clamor and clatter at the air and offer an after bite.

Too soon daylight turns to a fitful night.