No More Dependency on Mass Incarceration by John Hamilton

Inmate Blogger

The reformation of the penal and criminal justice systems can no longer be considered a fringe concern. It’s a blight of epidemic proportions that’s decimating families and straining budgets to exhaustion. Advisors once referred to it as political suicide to publicy broach such a topic. It’s time for Virginia to emerge from the shadows of deception, be a leader, and transcend the political stigma associated when grappling with this sensitive subject.

The Commonwealth’s dependency toward over-incarceration has failed to yield the desired results. Instead of reducing crime, Virginia now boasts the 8th highest incarceration rate in the country. The disproportionate sentences being imposed inflict pure retribution without any consideration toward rehabilitation. This is an embarrassment when you absorb the fact that 1 in every 214 adult Virginians find themselves behind bars.

The issue has far surpassed any good intentions initially created by Ronald Reagan’s “get tough on crime” legislation. Other…

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Macrame’ of Rancor

Spring has become a prohibition era ghost.

Over imbibing one minute.

The next…an ungracious host.

Spring has started as a thug.

Full of bluster and ‘what for.’

A dire Macrame’ of rancor on distant tropical shore.


Small Town Voyeur

Through a lens,

nothing but a small town voyeur.

An inclement, practitioner, seeking a cure.

If raw or edgy could suffice.

I suppose there would be a way to sleep away the night.

Indeed it is the dark side of an allergy that watches for more.

Mine is not a sexual exercise.

Mine is being witness to the other side.

The soil.

The soot.

The broken down by time.

Mine is baring witness to unwritten signs.