“Without a Spiritual Leader” by: April Watson

Wonderfully insightful thoughts!

Inmate Blogger

(Part 1)
What If?
If you were a Christian, and I was a Witch, If you knew nothing about me, would you ask me to switch? If I needed a friend, would you help me to stand? Would you lend me a hand? If I needed someone to talk to, would you lend me your ear? Would you comfort my pain if I shed a tear? Would you help me out and do your most? Would you pat my back and raise a toast? I you found me out nd my faith you now knew. Would you still help me? What would you do? Would you hate me and scorn me and leave me to fall? Sometimes I think it’s beter if you didn’t know me at all. So let’s take a minute, and go back to the start and forget all the things that tear us apart. Let’s dwell…

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