To myself and others like me…

persons predisposed to four-legged intimidation.

The sunbathing…

t n b 1

The sitting back on one’s laurels…

Requires an admirer that will fawn and fuss and toss away all remnants of diligent inclinations.

And, in due course, a model to sit idle and attempt to disregard human manifestations.

Having been dubbed, not bright.

I could sit and watch the feline in her posture of self admiration.

Hour upon hour, witnessing well beyond a scant fascination.

Applauding every blessed well manicured regime.

Half baked in the sun…

all my logic transcends.

I find myself quite content in being a bystander…

to the feline’s sunbathing routine.


3 thoughts on “Sunbathing

      1. We run it every week and tend to pre schedule three to four weeks ahead. So whenever you can send one in the sooner it would appear? 🙂

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