Hiking with Humility


Not quite able to walk just transfixed to the ground.

To not follow sound but to look up…as well as, down.

Not within total comfort to glance all around.

With every notched nook and cranny…

With every trail that is not well-traveled…

Perhaps, a stumble.

Perhaps, a pitfall.

However, I am seeing more aptly than I had before.

Before the beginning…

the middle…

of bad bones.

It has been a struggle that has welcomed beholding top branches of trees.

Until now, being human allots…’I will not always feel this bold.’

To ‘suffer in silence’ as so many have been told.

Still, the gentle persuasion floating in earth’s tranquility…

the out and about business of chipmunks and birds…

and, pollinating Bumble bees.

All the ability of humility.



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