Old Hippie, Old Hippie Songs


The human among the abode…Among us…So real.  So real.  As though, we would not know normal if it flew up, and slapped us in the face.

What an ugly word…flawed?

So caustic…yet, this house was built upon it.

Handicapped brick and mortar…stacked in the most irregular manner.

Inch by foot

Pallets of disability…covered with hairline fractures of pride.

As the years grow older and higher…there is still a dog and a cat…on the lawn.

Still, two old hippies on the deck…

singing the same old hippie songs.

t n b 1To run from the mess…now…

we would have to pack the home and leave.

All the bumps in the night

All the aches and groans in the wind…

All that normal tells us not to…believe.



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