For a Limited Time


I am a nature freak…and, damn proud of it.  I grew up in the wild, as a wild-child.  I slowly but surely became a hippie tree hugger.  And, in the end, though I lived in many metro areas.  The countryside of New Hampshire calls me back…each and every-time.  What amazes me?

The water bottles left on a heritage trail.

The granola bars displaced on a ridge, 2,000 ft from civilization.

passenger pigeon

So, for a limited time, nature and some of her now ‘gone’ friends.

  • the Passenger Pigeon…reason: human mayhem and loss of food
  • the Western Black Rhino…poaching
  • the Tasmanian Tiger…Human need to take more and more land…disease

Almost extinct..

  • the Mountain Gorillas…We are destroying their ‘eating’ environment
  • the Snow Leopard…injury due to trash and hunters in it for the kill

What is happening here closer to home?

new hampshire moose

The greatly sought after, New Hampshire Moose.  Not quite on the endangered list yet.  However, a sad, quick,  decline of their calves have left some in despair.  Why?  Global warming, meaning shorter winters…Meaning, ticks.  Ticks during all four seasons in an environment typical known for its frigid weather.

The Winter Tick is literally sucking the blood of New Hampshire Moose and their calves.


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