the Outside Spoon

Cat Style

Every night for 16 years, I have been the outer spoon!  And, with perfect honesty, there have been moments when the snore, the kick, the post nasal drip, have led me to stray to the other side.  The other side of the bed!

However, I always, always, always, begin my nighttime rest with…arms around the one I love.

Spooning in its essence is calling, shotgun…in the bed.  Both spoons feel safe, happy, sleepy…mostly, at ease with being exactly the true person they are!

Spooning for Your Healthspoons 1

  • Spooning is nothing more than a big, romantic, safety zone,  hug.  An all over body hug can lower the blood pressure.  That is until the late at night ‘hug’ turns into something a little more playful.  And, even then, you can burn calories.
  • Oxytocin!  Oxytocin (the love hormone) is produced by just holding the one you love.  Whatever the fancy definition, oxytocin may have…It does mean…a better immune system.  So even if your loved one wishes to give you the ‘back’ side…Spoon with the dog.
  • Slowly,  my heart beats with the rhythm of the night.  As they say, ‘two hearts that beat as one!’  Heart wise?  Feeling good results in a heartier heart.
  • All you need is love.  Spooning is loving.  And, loving is peaceful.  What more needs to be said?
  • Mentally?  Even I with my cynical ways…have learned to be more affectionate!  With affection comes letting down your guard.  With affection comes…letting someone in.  Into the deepest darkest circle of, you.  It cleanses the soul.  Clearing a way to a brighter and more, significant soul.


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