Cat Insult #2

I have started this tirade about cats, kittens, etc …other fur-lined Divas…because I not only wanted  to point out to them how ferociously they treat the two-legged friend.

But, I really just wanted to understand…what makes me stay in these abusive relationships!

Not only do they poo-poo in a box and expect us to remain humble, and pick up their shit.

Some, deviant cats will insult further by purposely waiting until there is a fresh pristine box…and then, take a dump!

Lastly, there is the indoor/outdoor cat who abuses the system by playing joyfully outside: killing little rodents, lolly-gagging, sleeping in the sun.  Plenty of opportunity to take care of business.  Instead of taking advantage of the great outdoors.  Maliciously these little vagrants will stop what they are doing, run inside, instead, use the cat box…and, run back outside to have themselves more of a good-time.


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