Cut the Shit…News!

Wrong from so many angles…are the abuse of others, bullying and making one feel in anyway, small.

I grew up in a family that endorsed abuse.  I can say, no good came from it!

That is not to say, murder is the answer.  However, when all exits off a treacherous highway have been cut…we are sometimes left with no choice but to save ourselves.


From the beginning, Cyntoia Brown’s life story has been heartbreaking. She was put up for adoption at the age of 2, and her life after that was a traumatic spiral of verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and substance abuse.

At the age of 16, she was sold as a sex-slave to a 43-year-old Nashville realtor—Johnny Mitchell Allan. She was subjected to more abuse by Allan, and in a documentary about her life, she described the abuse and how it made her paranoid.



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