Pet Names

As an adoption manager at a local animal shelter, I ‘fostered’ many left behinds.  Cats that were deemed too old.  Dogs that did not play nice with others.  Kittens with no mothers…the list goes on and on.  With that said, our little family consists of two dogs and five cats.

And, just like my childhood, you’ve done something wrong, Ruth Marie Bowley., name..blah, blah, blah, my animals have several ‘nicknames.’

Bogie, Bogart, dickwad, peckerhead, bastard child…100_0541

Mattie, Matilda, Mrs. Sloth, Piglet, Slo Mo.the dogs 1

Pork Chop, Porkie, Diva, Queenie.


Stella, Stell, Stella Stella Accapala.imageedit_72_8040243744

Polly-Anne, Bitch, Poll Poll, Meanie

Bernie, Bern Master, the Bern, Monster, Stud Muffin

Puff Daddy, P – Did, Puff Pussy, Bae Bae.

To me, these are terms of endearment that generally, have no relevance to what my pet looks like.  I was treated to several ‘strange’ nicknames, as a child.  But I knew they were sometimes given with love.  As is what I hope my animals believe I am offering to them.  Even when they have misbehaved and I’m not happy with them.

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