the Law is the Law

I’ve often thought, if it weren’t for bad luck…I’d have no luck at all.  Along with ‘I’ve done some stupid things in the past…and, am willing to do some more stupid things…before I go.  It appears I am not alone in these laws of life.  

  • Sod’s law – If anything can go wrong it will
  • Anything that can go wrong…will do so at the worst possible moment.
  • Negative expectations promote negative results.  Yet, positive expectations…promote negative results.  ‘Damned if you do…Damned if you don’t’
  • Howe’s law – We all have a scheme that will not work.
  • Zymurgy’s law – Once you open a can of worms, the only way to re-can them is to use a larger can.
  • Selective Gravity law – Anything that falls.  Falls in such a manner to do the most damage.
  • Carpet law – The chance of bread fallin’ with the buttered side down is directly proportional to the cost of your carpet.
  • Farber’s rule – Neccisity is the mother of strange bedfellows.

The last and final law of life?

Never ever, ever say or even think the following:

‘Shit!  Its been a long time since the car has broken down or even had a flat tire!’

Unspeakable law – As soon as you mention something, if it is good, it goes away.  If It is bad…IT is bound to happen.

**It should be noted that those ‘broken down’ car thoughts usually only occur when it is 20 below zero.  Or, when the humidity is equal to the temperature (approximately, 90 degrees.)


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