Prayer to Bastet

  1. No one will have other gods…but me
  2. Thou shall maim, either in spirit, mind or body.  I will however only castrate owner or prey.  Leaving all in my wake to only wish were dead.
  3. Thou shall provoke my human friend to take the Lord’s name in vain.
  4. Honor myself.  No matter the ‘silly’ name my mother and father give me.
  5. I will cat around as many of the days I shall live.
  6. Thou shall encourage my brother (the dog) to covet the neighbor’s cat.
  7. I promise to idolize all false idols: cat toys, bread ties, balled up socks and…kitty can’t cope, catnip sacks.
  8. I shall remember and keep meal time as, anytime I want it.
  9. I must not give false evidence against the joys of sleep.
  10. I must encourage others to be envious of me.  Envious of my charisma, physical features and I don’t give a shit attitude.

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