Mischievous with a swagger…in and between, the last march.

Desire’s Siren…immortal as the young pretender.

Fawn speckled by pure ivory…

Flippant and tolerant…stained glass

A mystery deliverance bathed by indifference…toward favoring the past.

Infinitely disciplined, her head held high.

I find myself sardine-d…in a Cat’s Eye.

Merged, paw to whisker, in her maleficent mind.

Time after promised time,

I feel I may go blind.

Not an innocent victim

We, I, devotees of tail chasing and scorners of notion’s kind.

All the ages passed, Golden, Roaring and alike…

Nature breaks through the eyes of a cat -Irish Proverb

have swam into the fathomless lake.

Only to chance a glimpse into

shades of glory and lashes…a flutter.

If only to partake…’how far is heaven?’

A Cat’s Eye.


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