Hunting Rabbits

One wonders many things when on semi hallucinogenic drugs.

Such as, why are small motor boats often painted in camo?  Do Northern New Englander’s truly believe they are pulling one over on the Rainbow Trout, swimming about below them?


Why rake leaves? Here in the thicket of bad weather; Why work tirelessly early morning to late night, tidying up Mother’s trash?  Generally, the leaves come back.  If your leaves don’t come back…someone else’s will. For that matter, why do we pay the city to dust our sidewalks and streets?  Every year ’round this time, funny little machines with romba vacs attached to the under carriage of sup up’d ATV’s.

Today, another strange question from beyond the bong!

Whatever happened to Elmer Fudd?

What is the story about this mystery man?

Did you know you could set your Google search language to Elmer Fudd?  Just in case you were searching for ‘rascally’ rabbits infestations.

Elmer’s alias had originally been, Egghead.  Current day, rumor has it, Elmer is posing as, Donald Trump jr.

Rush Limbaugh has fudd-phobia.  A fear of small men in plaid with W.C. Field’s nose.

Mr. Fudd was born in 1937.  His first screen debut?  Feud There Was(1938.)

Currently, Mr. Fudd works as a, paid, Trump supporter.  Often he is noticed around the rallies in his signature flannel and concealed weapon.  Usually, Mr. Fudd carries a sign stating:

‘Any time those wittle nut cwackers democrats think they can out-smart Ewmer J. Fudd they’ve got another thing coming.’



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