Poets of SMITTEN Speak: Ruth Bowley

Smitten is needed. A sisterhood needs promotion. If for no other reason than to let the younger generation know…they are not alone.


Ruth Bowley is just a simple observer of all things unknown.  Of all things worth fighting for.  Being a woman, being a survivor, being.

Poetry/writing has spared me from the scars of growing up gay in a catholic and abusive household. First, I found my voice, in regards to religion. Second, I had been witness to those who were gay in the 80’s and felt a change was needed. Most importantly, I wanted my words to be that change.

Rita Mae Brown wrote books about her affection for cats and her affection for women: A

Short Note for Liberals

I’ve seen your kind before
Forty plus and secure
Settling for a kiss from feeble winds
And calling it a storm.
I have always been political. Why we allow the moral majority contain us…still leaves me in awe. It is far better to go down fighting than to have done nothing…

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