Shallow Grave

grunge family 1

You will not catch me sleeping in your shallow grave so wholesome.

Nor napping in the tomb of discontent.

Though the hands do tremble

a victory should be claimed.

without fanfare or extravagance.

In true discourse,

mine not yours,

of course.

It used to be…

that I belonged to you

you belonged to me.

So what of the past

picking apart peculiar trips…

set adrift onto different seas.

A clan unleashed in the barren desert

awaiting their ships of plenty…it had been lost at sea.

As siblings we were swaddled in damaged cloth

So I suppose to disrobe the anger…

well, that is all I’ve got.

Humbly I will ask you

Step away from the shallow grave.

Only the ugly becomes more perverse with the tall tales

we create.

There are many out there just like me

Walking a lonesome solo path

step by step reconciliation is the only fact.

Brothers and sisters, I stand at the shallow grave…daily

Casting a lucky penny in…

Full knowing I am not without my own sin.

Goddess, today, grant that I maybe less judgmental and more mindful of those I met.  I am unaware of the burdens placed upon their feet.

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