The Fury of Hating Eyes – Anne Sexton


I would like to bury
all the hating eyes
under the sand somewhere off
the North Atlantic and suffocate
them with the awful sand
and put all their colors to sleep
in that soft smother.
Take the brown eyes of my father,
those gun shots, those mean muds.
Bury them.
Take the blue eyes of my mother,
naked as the sea,
waiting to pull you down
where there is no air, no God.
Bury them.
Take the black eyes of my love,
coal eyes like a cruel hog,
wanting to whip you and laugh.
Bury them.
Take the hating eyes of martyrs,
presidents, bus collectors,
bank managers, soldiers.
Bury them.
Take my eyes, half blind
and falling into the air.
Bury them.
Take your eyes.
I come to the center,
where a shark looks up at death
and thinks of my heart
and squeeze it like a doughnut.
They’d like to take my eyes
and poke a hatpin through
their pupils. Not just to bury
but to stab. As for your eyes,
I fold up in front of them
in a baby ball and you send
them to the State Asylum.
Look! Look! Both those
mice are watching you
from behind the kind bars.

Ruth, Ruth, Ruth


Supreme Justice, how many women are enough…to sit on the bench of the Supreme Court?


When there are nine!  When are there nine!  Then there will be enough!

Sam Adams is dedicating a beer to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg named ‘When There Are Nine’

Why is Sam doing this?

To promote strong women as beer drinkers…of course.

Ruth (the name), as many may realize, hit the big time only once.  You know the little book within the bigger book.  That appears to be Ruth and all namesakes…one hit wonder.

Of course, through history, we see spit and spatters of ‘mediocre SuperStar…persons named, Ruth.

Ruth Buzzi – comedianbuzzi1-1026x840

Ruth Ellis – famous British murderess

Dr. Ruth Westheimer – sex…pert


my favorite…

Ruth Gordon – Hot, cougar from the cult movie classic…Harold and Maude.

Oh, yeah, and me!

Editor’s note:  If you are intent on looking for a not so famous Ruth.  It is best to start the search at a place like Sunny-side nursing home or the old cemetery down the street that scares the shit out of you.

Good to see a Ruth with paraphernalia and trinkets adorned after her.  With some research and to aid in gifts for next Christmas, here are many other Ruth prizes to choose from:

Great candle for around the #45 voodoo doll!
Who doesn’t want to suck on that famous RBG tenacity?
We should each be free to discover our own talents, whatever they may be, and not be held back by cotton barriers!
We should each be free to discover our own talents, whatever they may be, and not be held back by cotton barriers!
rbg_think doll
I ask no favor for my sex. I all ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks!

Doctor Dog

Hippocrates had a dog.  Little did anyone know…until recently.  Argo’s is credited with the Dog’s Affirmations!  Hippocrates had experienced a lull in his medical practice.  One bad turn took another.  The business went into foreclosure.  Hippocrates needed cash badly.  He turned to Argo and begged him to sign over the rights to the ‘Affirmations.’  With a little coaching from an editor.  Hippocrates changed a few words here and there.  And, we now have the Hippocratic Oath.

Argo’s Affirmations:

I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:

I will respect the my groomer, and her muzzles.  For it is because of her that I walk in style.

I will apply, though I do not understand the term completely, to be an emotional support animal for all.  Even if the twin trap is flying on airplanes or wearing those hideous vests.

I will remember that there is an art to being so cute.  There is a science to my warmth, loyalty and understanding.  I fully understand hugs outweigh…treats.

I will never be ashamed to say, “the cat did it.”   And, I will not fail in antagonizing the cat…when no one else is looking.

I will not respect the privacy of the litter-box or the bedroom.  Most especially I must tread with care in the matters of my admirer’s shoes.  They were given unto me to keep an eye on…not eat.  It is given to me to save a life.  I have the power to enhance a life.  And, I face this challenge with great humbleness and awareness.  I am not god…but I am damn close.

I will remember that I am not protecting a bunny, butterflies or trees.  I am protecting a sick human being.  If I am to care for this sicko…I must care for those who are equally sick, in his or her’s inner circle.

I will prevent sadness whenever I can.  Unless my human friend is out whoring around with another dog.

I will remember that I remain a member of a family, with special obligations to all my fellow loved ones.  Not just those of sound mind and body but the nut jobs too!

It’s hard not to immediately fall in love with a dog who has a good sense of humor.-Kate DiCamillo

If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter.  May I always behave so as to preserve the finest traditions of my heritage and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.







Diminished is My Way

I could exhaust many a thing

the stinging, pelts of rain

the ferreted holes to the world below

strident waters, black and deeper than thought

matter deliberately flung to the ground

yet, cannot be sought.barren tree

Diminished is my way when I am not free to walk.

In transient, stillness down a one way path, I find myself unable to look back.

I could exhaust many a thing

never to repeat all that is scattered behind me.

Those Pesky Windmills

Thoughts on any of those pesky windmills?

Notions about…the sun and how it could power the earth?

Well, add these few astute observations from an expert…#45!03-30-17 Emissions

-Let’s put up some windmills. When the wind doesn’t blow, just turn off the television darling, please. There’s no wind, please turn off the television quickly.

=I think it’s something [Democrats] should really promote…no planes, no energy. When the wind stops blowing, that’s the end of your electric. ‘Darling is the wind blowing today? I’d like to watch television.

How ’bout global warming…and, alike?

-I’m not supposed to be using hair spray.  But think of it.  So Obama’s always talking about the global warming, that global warming is our biggest and most dangerous problem, OK?

And, certainly, our expert on the cleanliness of climate change offers some sage advice:

-You gotta take care of the floors. You know the floors of the forest, very important.

…You look at other countries where they do it differently and it’s a whole different story.  I was with the president of Finland and he called it a forest nation, and they spend a lot of time on raking and cleaning and doing things…


In my world if you say…you are an environmentalist.  You Are One!  After all, it takes balls to claim you belong to the earth…and, you don’t really mean it.  That is a lie likely to get one into hell.  Or, at least, elected to some important position.

Right now we’re at the cleanest we’ve ever been and that’s very important to me.   But if we’re clean, but every other place on Earth is dirty, that’s not so good…’So I want clean air, I want clean water, very important.’