The House on Main Street

Tell you what I remember. Slide shows. Kisses goodnight on the cheek. Hardwood floors that announced every creepy, creak. Plath read by dim light. A soiled brown journal... Locked up tight. Angry sentences filled with the holy spirit. Standing in line for the back of the familiar...weathered hand.   How long the hours can be. … Continue reading The House on Main Street


the House that Eugene Built

Had my soul been a house. It would have been filled with spirits of an anonymous kind. Disenchanted mirrors. Spouting monomers, not so refined. The phrase, "I love you." spoken in jest. "I love you." Bringing to my earth only dust. ♠ However, I am not a house. I am a woman made of pliable, … Continue reading the House that Eugene Built

Memories of My Brother

I do not want to think of him. Though...I do. The brother I once knew. Born an old man. He had been more than my father could stand. His persona... Larger than a vat of well stirred anger. Hope never surrounded him. Love, seemed a danger. ∞ Even now, alive...but his breathing unwell. I think … Continue reading Memories of My Brother

When Worlds Collide

I cannot count the years I fought. To get away from you. And, as I reach for that always distant pen... I cannot bring myself to describe the where, the when. ⇔ Reaching with youthful hand. Stretching with gnarled fist. Someday, freedom will receive its wish. ⇔ When the secular hold opens a book. From … Continue reading When Worlds Collide

Commandment of Remorse

Ashamed? Disrepute? How best do I measure you? Is your worthiness... A cost for virtue? Every trace of my being is laden with the commandment of  remorse. Magnificent is the blood on the hands that intercept its due course. How typical your response! 'We all do things we are ashamed of!' What is the heft … Continue reading Commandment of Remorse