To Much Love

Underneath plush cover of cotton. A healing hand in repose. As if, a wanting to be disposed.   I regard too much, while grasping the outstretched sleeping gesture. I ponder, 'too much love!' However, between the warming waves. There is an oft instinct to fit that love with a masking glove. Trials and tribulations sometimes, … Continue reading To Much Love


Dusk Flirts

It is late at night. Perhaps, just 'round midnight. Dusk flirts with a lit lamppost. I place my hand gently in the curve of your hip. And, soon... What strange monsters that lurk. In the mania of the mind. Fade to darkness in the beauty of your design.

Hidden on Commercial Street

Flipping of a coin from tail to head. cart-wheels on the beach. Drag Queen working the beat on Commercial street. Bare-footing, on the sultry tar. Hidden seaport cemeteries overgrown with unknown kin. Similar searches... Performed like a well manicured dance from centuries ago. Gentle Journeymen and Women with unease being the common goal. A sense … Continue reading Hidden on Commercial Street

Inaccurate Moments

I would stand in my darkest dawn. To bring you home from your innermost prison. The deepest desire to love you. Love us. Clarifies best... Most on partially cloudy days. With pockets of warmth from the sun's rays. When the waters recede. And, there is dew on my shoes. Inaccurate moments... When I fall back … Continue reading Inaccurate Moments

Pride for the Next Generation

“All young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential.”   Harvey Milk I found the minute that questions surfaced, with my inner self...I began to trust less.  The minute I began to dislike my choices...The more I paid into the 'oppressed minority!' … Continue reading Pride for the Next Generation