Pride for the Next Generation

“All young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential.”   Harvey Milk I found the minute that questions surfaced, with my inner self...I began to trust less.  The minute I began to dislike my choices...The more I paid into the 'oppressed minority!' … Continue reading Pride for the Next Generation

4 Lesbian Eyes Only

I do not know how to; grow old, grow tired, walk with a limp, acquire a handicap plate, give in, give up, etc.  The tools given...unto me were... Sarcasm Judgement the Good Bible...and the Bad Bible Heterosexuality...Did not do me any good other than...Realize, blow jobs were gross. Birth Control pamphlets under my teen-aged door. … Continue reading 4 Lesbian Eyes Only

Tumbling out of Turmoil

Tumbling into the vast escape. What...indeed is the languid turmoil for? When staring up at the painted on ceiling for salacious hints... Less than many...have gone since. I have sat in the rooms of pretense and it's friendship with despair. No matter, the guttural response... I cannot produce the flair.

Bruised Impressions

Ran vagary over and over. As if, smitten by a nemesis of a four-leaf clover. There is no supremacy here, there or...anywhere. We all are diminished by the same bed of rock. No matter the choice. No matter the manner in which we leave a bruised impression. Each to their own. Put to rest by the … Continue reading Bruised Impressions

Randomly Selective Church Goer

I want to call them, the bobbing heads. Though, that does not seem right. Perhaps, it is in they way they crawl in on Saturday. Or, the manner, in which they pray on Sunday. One could search all theologies for a term. Yet, the 'randomly selective church' goer is the best...designation...I have heard. Always donning, … Continue reading Randomly Selective Church Goer