Ice Jams with Thunderous Snow

No matter, how I think of the earth. Its mastery still promises to astound me. The thrashing of ice block upon cumbersome block... I am a constant witness to miracles of creation's crime scene. There is no violent, thrashing, tale...quite the same. And, I am just a human pawn... In a loosing game.


Canterbury Stones

I cannot not carry such stoned, monumental devices with me. And, believe they will avert the problems that breathe my air. ... Thin line. Town line. Country store. It is all the same. I carry your tomb on my back. And, provincial problems remain.   Dredging the dirt from my soul. I find nothing is … Continue reading Canterbury Stones

Cabin Fever

You can only linger on a day that is minute long. The air re-invents itself as, solid, insurmountable defeats. And, wisdom of a mile transforms to glued retreat. It is nothing but cabin the foot of a rural seat.   In good health, the air is cordial of incredible virtue.  Crossing a bare common, … Continue reading Cabin Fever

Breaching the Wintry Sanctuaries

We powered along to no avail. In the hopes of finding our summer trail. Snow had become our footprint's falling grace. Silly the vanity that overcomes me during the nighttime hour. Acquiring all my sanity. By morning's light, the dogs and I, have been relieved of all that common sense binds. Thus, a daily morning … Continue reading Breaching the Wintry Sanctuaries

Lonesome is the Snow

An exercise in futility. Trudging over open snow. Lonesome for place in which to go. To reminisce... while the quiet, that envelopes me. If only the silence held... For all to witness. For particles of elements. The slimmest of hopes... To see. Still I struggle with a snow stroll. And, still I will walk, long … Continue reading Lonesome is the Snow