Inaccurate Moments

I would stand in my darkest dawn. To bring you home from your innermost prison. The deepest desire to love you. Love us. Clarifies best... Most on partially cloudy days. With pockets of warmth from the sun's rays. When the waters recede. And, there is dew on my shoes. Inaccurate moments... When I fall back … Continue reading Inaccurate Moments

Stitch in My Side

Like a stitch in your side. You have to see passion through, until the end. As the muscles will cramp and seize. The suffering from comfort will not cease. Time will look for us. Infinity cannot disregard what messages...rapture, intends to send. One must just see it through, until the end.

Susceptible Sacrifice of Love

  And, she said,   "There is a compromising position in love. One in which there are conditions. Sometimes, it is a little rough around the edges. It is unwilling... It is relentless." And, with the blink of an amorous brown eye, she was gone. Fluid and fluorescent, as her encouraging words... My passionate repair? … Continue reading Susceptible Sacrifice of Love

A Long Kiss

She touches me in ways I cannot avoid. It isn't in the stories...she's told. It is not in the wonder-lust or star-dust. Not in the way she holds my demons near. And, yet, years have passed... that kiss never remains the same. What a taunting ¬†challenge laid out before me... lessons of masked chivalry. Perhaps, … Continue reading A Long Kiss