Thoughts in a Box

  I take the devil out of its box. To make a big stand. Yet, the ancients disregard the plan. ∇ They do not hold me aloft. Or, hold me beneath. I am only stones and bones. A misguided sage song. ∇ The ancients know... I can only bequeath one. And, one lust only. Decadence … Continue reading Thoughts in a Box


Still…I Remain

When will be the last time you fetch me? Awaken me from my shallow slumber? As though, you were a long and lost...lover! ≤ Enriched are your flickering seconds. Casting spells on all who wander. All who wonder. ≤ If I were more articulate... A sketch much more fitting. for  your golden cornstalk maze. But … Continue reading Still…I Remain

Admiring the Light

There is a buoyancy that shines. Perhaps, only in the passing by of the open windows in my mind. A well-worn path decorated by last year's foliage. Patches of new-born ferns fanning the mild air. But when I turn to admire the light? It is no longer there.

Strange in Paradise

There is peace on my mind.  But in a fit of sanity, I placed it down deep where no one goes. I had been waiting for the sun to come out and, 'Hi.' However, like a cat in the night searching for non-existent light. Sometimes, satisfaction is a message I cannot always find. With a … Continue reading Strange in Paradise