Tender To the Core

Transgression? Low lying branch on a fertile apple tree. How cumbersome? You are shaken to your knees. ∇ Alas, I too. Am enthralled by the tapping of a foot. The fidgeting of a hand. All of the harvest... weighing heavily. Often more than one can stand. ∇ Do your voices take you? They take me. … Continue reading Tender To the Core


Still…I Remain

When will be the last time you fetch me? Awaken me from my shallow slumber? As though, you were a long and lost...lover! ≤ Enriched are your flickering seconds. Casting spells on all who wander. All who wonder. ≤ If I were more articulate... A sketch much more fitting. for  your golden cornstalk maze. But … Continue reading Still…I Remain

Cowering Cow

I lost it, again the other day. In a word. In a song. As they say, I should have stayed down on the farm. ∧∧∧∧ A break had been given. Milling about. Cowering cow...about. It was only then...a sigh of reprieve. Never to notice the relief...until it leaves.

Crowded Houses

It is a double-sided cross that gathers in my heart. It is neither here. Nor...there. Yet, it is everywhere. † I try to smooth it over with words... But the words do not come out right. And, with every inaction... A splintered reaction. Volatility, plus, age. Makes the rising waters more difficult to bare. Allowing … Continue reading Crowded Houses

White Trash Dream Team

Scattered in the muddle of the attic... Every toy that could go wrong. All the playmates with no shoes... All keepsakes...black and blue. Chaos lusts upon the ramshackle miscues. Mayhem even friendlier... When malice fills the musky air. Between the clapboards dipped in mold. Three flights up... And, madness thickens with tall tales told. ⇔ I … Continue reading White Trash Dream Team