Crowded Houses

It is a double-sided cross that gathers in my heart. It is neither here. Nor...there. Yet, it is everywhere. † I try to smooth it over with words... But the words do not come out right. And, with every inaction... A splintered reaction. Volatility, plus, age. Makes the rising waters more difficult to bare. Allowing … Continue reading Crowded Houses

White Trash Dream Team

Scattered in the muddle of the attic... Every toy that could go wrong. All the playmates with no shoes... All and blue. Chaos lusts upon the ramshackle miscues. Mayhem even friendlier... When malice fills the musky air. Between the clapboards dipped in mold. Three flights up... And, madness thickens with tall tales told. ⇔ I … Continue reading White Trash Dream Team


Plummeting to a gravel road. Cascading city on wheels. Eighteen wheeled miscreants. Playing heavy metal solos to the articulation of my heart. An infinitely booming question begs... ON what is this sense of impending doom...fed? Arguments with tension's gods? Or, shall I remain 'fetal with anxieties odds?'   Punch drunk breaks of acceptance and it's … Continue reading Edgy

Mulling it Over

Mostly, I over think things.  Ponder; poetry, life, music, life, breathing, life, walking in the woods, life.  What bothers me or...inflicts the most deep daydreaming?  Life! “Perhaps the Creator of this strange place knows us better than we know ourselves. Perhaps humanity was meant to eternally ponder the purpose and importance of our own existence. … Continue reading Mulling it Over