Blue at the Beach

Bad Donut
Bad Donut

Ambien at the beach!
I went to the beach not too long ago…Martha’s Vineyard! Of course, that is where you would find the highest population of white on white bodies needing to get over their over fed ideas on wealth and wisdom.
Any who!
At the beach, Mother Theresa found a shell and stated to me:
Pick it up and hold it close to your one good ear, Ambien! You can hear your future in it!
I shook the water and ideas loose from my dyed to be blonde head and held the untidy shell close. Soon I would be hearing my life’s untold story!
Waiting and waiting some more. I listened intently for my up and coming events of saving the world with misspelled ‘big’ words and bequeathing the poor and impoverished one double scooped ice cream at a time. Thank Christ for an allowance.
What had my one good ear and my one soiled shell told me?
Not one fuckin’ thing! A crab scurried out, bit my ear and now I have crabs. I will never listen to Mummy or my future again!

...look Ambien, there's a whale!
…look Ambien, there’s a whale!

Ambien, Annie, Gracie thought for the day:
“A small mind is a place where there is no place to go where you shouldn’t.”

Camp Chlamydia

where have all the hero's gone
where have all the hero’s gone


Traveling through the satellite images of my mind; vague and unclear, pagan and not far from sexual deviancy…I found this tidbit online.
You see I have nothing but time on my hands for volunteering for VISTA is a farce. I look busy; I wear the outfits, bad unnatural colors that do nothing for my weight problem. I am however, still, Ambien Grace, AKA Gracie Williams and/or Gracie Lou Free My Bush Up.
In trenched in homework, not! Abiding by my peer mentor who appears to be in the midst of ‘the change’ and who also didn’t really need the hormone injections because, shit, Sista’ you look John Goodman. Following as I do so well, I have yet to get that boost. The trigger that will move back the hands of time and just like a Chai Pet; Ambien Grace, the leader and protagonist appears.
Not happening…Check this one out”
I was rushed to pack on leaving this program and informed that if I had left anything they would mail it back, they lied… oh and if you’re a Christian they will persecute you till you quit… I don’t recommend this program. Oh that whole peer helper confidentiality thing is bogus… never trust them to be someone you can talk to. You’re paid to put up with each other, that doesn’t mean you should have to be friends so don’t trust any of your team or unit mates… They just want to see you fired or pressure you into quitting… oh and forced to see the opposite genders boxers is offensive … seriously there is a degree of respect that should be shown…. the older you are the more respect people should be showing… I was informed in this program that they didn’t have to respect me because they were younger and that I didn’t deserve respect! Well I became ill from poor nutrition, and messed up my foot do to the lack of respect in the fact that I required special dietary needs and was not athletic. We were forced to work out in goose and dog poop which is completely unsanitary! …. This program is not professional or appropriate. I was persecuted for my faith, bullied by the team and TL; and then the stole my water bottle because they could not be bothered to keep their word and mail it to me…. I spent my personal money on it and did not ask to be rushed in packing when I realized I had forgotten it they said don’t worry we will mail it back to you… thieves that is what I have to say!


You know if someone took my thongs and my porno…I’d be pissed. As it is, the tides of the tragic will be coming soon and I’ll be facing my past.
It does concern me that I am older than most in my F-Up Troop and I just don’t get no respect. I even tried flirting with the other butch women to no avail. That’s okay; I’d be at odds to which one of us would be on top.
So much for now from Winchester VA…keep those tax dollars coming-
Ambien, Annie and Gracie



Hello Muddah, hello Fadduh,
Here I am at Camp Star
Camp is very entertaining
And they say we’ll have some fun if we start training.


I went hiking with Amber who looks like an Archie.
She developed poison ivy!
You remember Kayla my mentor
She got ptomaine poisoning last night after dinner.


All the supervisors hate the government
And the land looks like broken pavement.
And the head counselor wants no sissies
So he reads to us from something called I eat Pussies.


Now I don’t want this should scare ya
But my bunkmate has chlamydia
You remember my alter ego, Gracie Williams?
Don’t care what they say; I won’t stop lookin’ ‘til I find ‘em.


Take me home, oh muddah fadduh, take me home, I hate Virginia
Don’t leave me out in the forest where I might get eaten by a redneck.
Take me home, I promise I will not make noise or mess the house with
Dirty boys, oh please don’t make me stay, I’ve been here and I can’t get out of my own way.


Dearest fadduh, darling muddah,
How’s my precious little Beckett Couvillion?
Let me come home if ya miss me
I will even let heterosexuals hug and kiss me.


Wait a minute, it stopped hailing,
Dykes are swimming, Dykes are sailing,
Playing baseball, gee that’s better,
Muddah Fadduh please disregard this letter.


Swollen on Sedation

Thought for the brief but infinite moment:
I am not obtuse…I am oblong…
Ambien on Grace

Disaster Relief Agents?  Able to leap to nothingness in small ways!
Disaster Relief Agents? Able to leap to nothingness in small ways!

What are Friends for?

English: happy friendship day
English: happy friendship day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sitting and eating and eating and pretending with my big the bears, not the blue bombers..I wished they get this group’s entitlement under control. Slurping down some rations thinking ’bout the day to come. What cats we can help out of tree? Where to point the next blood drive?
Slugging back a low-fat coffee with high powered protein snacks, I wonder about the definition of friends.
Bianca my large at large artist friend, well she stays on like an STD. Clinging to my drama. Holding on to every tidbit of ‘woe is me!’ She has no self-esteem and thinks she can get some kind of ego boost by hanging with a tree photographer who is blissfully unaware of growing pains.
Zoey, she held fast. I’m sad to say, I didn’t know really the slightest thing about her past until Kate showed up. I guess someone had to take the focus off self and learn.
How was I to know she wanted to be a Vet tech? Studying online! So what if she had an attic full of brothers with varied and asundried past. Her uncomfortable and sometimes painful living arrangements with Mom and boyfriend of the month.
It takes too much energy to find out this stuff.  More than my girth will allow.

Friendship is a weird thing.  Seems that many want it.  Some work with it.   And, I just wait for it fill my voids.

Completely understandable why I only leech on to those who offer me something.  Totally in awe of how they allow me to become everything they are in the chance I can loose myself.

De-friending?  I’ve done that way too much.  I am a serial de-friender!  In truth, there is no necessity in holding on to loose ends.

Zoey remains friends with psycho-bitch Kate.

the shallow pool of friendship
the shallow pool of friendship

She does it out of homage to me.  She does it to keep an eye on the freak.  Perhaps, she does it because she is just to lazy to hit the big metaphorical button, DE-FREIND!

An American Girl

think stencil art & graffiti cat

American Girl..That’s me. I had promises I never intended to keep:

i never wanted to get married
i grew up thinking i just wanted to be alone with a ton of dogs and a few cats
it changed when i met Penny, i thought “this is someone i could see myself marrying
but i never thought about it after she started treating me like shit and i was crying every night over her
then i meet you
this attractive, intelligent, blonde who captured my heart
ive never fallen so hard
but Penny screwed me up so bad that i got afraid…that you’ll leave me
my point being. i started thinking about settling down…which was never like me and i want to settle down with you
i want to marry you
be with you day and night

Well, she was an American girl,
Raised on promises
She couldn’t help thinking that there was a little more to life
Somewhere else
After all it was a great big world
With lots of places to run to
And if she had to die..tryin’,
She had one little promise she was gonna keep

Oh yeah, alright,
Make it last all night
She was an American girl.
Well, it was kind of cold that night,
She stood alone on the balcony
Yeah, she could hear the cars roll by,
Out on four forty one like
Waves crashing on the beach,
And for one des’rate moment there
She crept back in her memory
God, it’s so painful when something that’s so close
Is still so far out of reach

Travels with Ambien Grace and her missing dog, Beckett  Couvillion the third, can be like getting into an unassuming white van in a low cut bra!

tell me..what happens
tell me..what happens