Frivolous Green

Without doubts... A worker among thieves. Fanning out among the glamour trees. To behold the fern. Is to be exact. Feeling its fingers... Nimble in the in between. Braiding the sun. assaying in and out of life. Ever...So green. As if, fulfilling the gaps of a ponderous dream.   I cannot say why I find … Continue reading Frivolous Green

On the Rails

Corroded to the earth until time runs out. Who have these rails carried? What heavy load have they tarried? Meandering banisters made of virile stock. Misshapen passages to a nowhere lot.   Wondrous monuments for a traveler's vice. Eternally the illusion of going somewhere. Anywhere... Without thinking twice.   Freedom rolls by me with coal … Continue reading On the Rails

the Good in Good-bye

How far down can I be? From the life that swallowed me. Wandering down the same faded lanes. Looking for mythical messages... In this, the most old-fashioned of New Hampshire towns. Where antiquated becomes motionless. Laying about without a sound! I would put a name to the provocation. But am not quite sure how. It … Continue reading the Good in Good-bye

Barefoot with Flowers

Could be the head of a lit match whose ember falls carelessly. A distance between right or wrong. While barefoot on a gravel street. Powerful... The reflection upon every miscellaneous flower that I greet. I often become so tripped up in the business of being me. Blinded by all I see. That it becomes so … Continue reading Barefoot with Flowers

Hard to Hold

The heart. Her heart. Brings me home. Just as sure as, a door shuts. ย And, a bag gets unpacked. Always, reminiscent... True love, is aware of the facts. โˆ€ I am removed and placed upon a former shelf. Life, begins to...unpacks itself. โˆ€ When, quagmires, await my vague footprints. My love takes a restless hand. … Continue reading Hard to Hold