Trinkets for the Soul

My love glides back and forth. Up and down... The stairs. Completely...unaware. As I suffer with my self-pity. Cover myself in stages of disappointment... A quick quip. A random smile. And, that is how my love...reminds me. What is love? If not for something to give to another. As if, a trinket kept secret inside … Continue reading Trinkets for the Soul


Crimson Tears

  In the midst of a dusty thoroughfare, she stands there. Not a mystic. Nor, a mythical, vibrant, icon. As I stretch my needy hands ahead of me. Our distance gets longer. Between pictures of what I am hoping to see. And, the wanting that aches below my feet. ∞ I cherish these days. These … Continue reading Crimson Tears

My Pity Made of Cotton

It is an old, familiar blanket. One that has wrapped itself in the arms of many. One that swaddled my fears. And, has fed my hunger. Still there are times in which it seems less dear. Less near. ∞ Pity I cannot provide my shelter... Made of the finest soft cotton. Indulge my blanket with … Continue reading My Pity Made of Cotton

the Falsehood I Own

"What to do with these lies..." I asked myself. Shall they be sold to the highest bidder? The tainted blood is not to blame. For there is much more to the letters in a name. The stewed pot... Left not stirred. The phantom hidden behind closed doors. So, what of these tears shed? Are they … Continue reading the Falsehood I Own

Not Always Raining

A damp leaf caresses my calf. And, gently... I become aware of where I am at.   Standing on the repeating ridge. Quieting, the winds... 'do not jump.'   With no recourse... A fall begins. Yet, there is not a landing to be found.   There is a vague inhabited attempt to recall the impact. … Continue reading Not Always Raining