Spinster Lee

Religiously, a book with no spine. A sisterhood cloaked by falsehoods. What of the charm? Belonging to the woman with masks for misdeeds. How did it feel? Ignoring the abuse? Spinster Sister how can shame be the family's noose. ∃ Your summer winds blow in shallow. Leaving no taste, no permanence... That cannot be erased. … Continue reading Spinster Lee

Forgotten Song

The violets had been bought for the green-eyed lady. However, I had arrived beyond late... Within moments, she reigned upon my mind... And, later, she had gone. Trickling down... Such as forgotten words to her favorite song. Soon I began to misplace her solemn heirlooms. After, stories and tales the green-eyed lady had gifted me. … Continue reading Forgotten Song

Frivolous Green

Without doubts... A worker among thieves. Fanning out among the glamour trees. To behold the fern. Is to be exact. Feeling its fingers... Nimble in the in between. Braiding the sun. assaying in and out of life. Ever...So green. As if, fulfilling the gaps of a ponderous dream.   I cannot say why I find … Continue reading Frivolous Green

On the Rails

Corroded to the earth until time runs out. Who have these rails carried? What heavy load have they tarried? Meandering banisters made of virile stock. Misshapen passages to a nowhere lot.   Wondrous monuments for a traveler's vice. Eternally the illusion of going somewhere. Anywhere... Without thinking twice.   Freedom rolls by me with coal … Continue reading On the Rails