Deluge of Thought

A deluge of thought. Unwritten and untidy. Arrive like an abstract drift. Barricaded by rock. The lines are drawn. Gentle the icy spews of what my words mean to do. But it is only an unconscious, covert act. It is my abstract at play. Discord between the flow of my mind. And, what I meant … Continue reading Deluge of Thought


Breaching the Wintry Sanctuaries

We powered along to no avail. In the hopes of finding our summer trail. Snow had become our footprint's falling grace. Silly the vanity that overcomes me during the nighttime hour. Acquiring all my sanity. By morning's light, the dogs and I, have been relieved of all that common sense binds. Thus, a daily morning … Continue reading Breaching the Wintry Sanctuaries

Sprigs of Laughter

It has been sometime, to know where I've been It has been sometime, since I beheld, the house...again and again. But only so long to know. A poem can be the loyalist of friends. There is no parting of ways between the here... And, the hereafter. Just the continuous stem of laughter upon spirited sprigs … Continue reading Sprigs of Laughter

Daylight Dark

Not a one comes out, now. It is daylight dark. And, night sky bright. Chill inserts my bones. Wrestles free all warmth. And, beckons my body, 'go on home.' A silence seems dangerous. But can arrive such as a beggar encouraging the traveler... 'best to go alone.'    


Despondency has been set before my eyes. As if placed forever. As if, I wished to cry. If I were to step away and come back... Tears would have held the same appeal. And, a simple thought, 'No reprise for the meek.  Nor the rich.  Just a cynical attempt at the god's wishing us to … Continue reading Edie