Dusk Flirts


It is late at night.

Perhaps, just ’round midnight.

Dusk flirts with a lit lamppost.

I place my hand gently in the curve of your hip.

And, soon…

What strange monsters that lurk.

In the mania of the mind.

Fade to darkness in the beauty of your design.

Repaired with Care


There is relief for us…

Somewhere in the forest of our dreams.

A broken down…

Repair with despair.

Wooden, spindled, chair.

Let there be no promises made.

Only hope covered in moss and unnamed flowers.

There is relief for us.

There is hope in nature.

It is in the depths of unknown.

It is no stranger.imageedit_8_7254150409


If I stand here, not so firmly on the ground…

as the world continues to spin around

If I squander here within four walls, tinder that has ground to a halt…

as my small space smolders and smokes

If I lay here among all the stars burning the sky, amidst all the lies, lies, lies…

as my complacency issues a good-bye

If only, IF, I know what I should have known before…

could I have given more?

Thank You, Elmo!

In spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace.” “We adopt the means of nonviolence because our end is a community at peace with itself. We will try to persuade with our words, but if our words fail, we will try to persuade with our acts. #Martin Luther King Jr.

Tumbler of Forgotten Notes


How transcending…

Wonderful moments, historic and sweet.

Then emotions fell into retreat.

A repugnance…cast its shadow on me.

When I misplaced the lesson plan.

Love had learned to mis-handle all that I had believed.

An unmarked headstone.

As if, I were a character in an ancient mystery.

Crude bones.

An uninvited tombs became my destiny.

Confinement may not have killed me.

But strength was hard to find.

It is never far to travel…

When the last plan is to lose your mind.

Shy, as the memories we hide in our reflection.

Loveliness appeared as, hectic as a tumbler of forgotten notes.

A lover to the fears I had buried over the years.

And, as my fortunate teller, pressed a delicate finger to my parted lips.

Just a few words…

‘Love is a lesson that gives and gives.’