Minister’s Daughter

Rare... But there is possibility in limited reflection. Burdens on the verge of fevered detention. Shallow screams. And, spirits going bump in the night. Occasional, ย end trails in sight.   Beautiful impostors flare up. Along the line of pretense. And, open a mythical gate.   Yet, well wishing has been down this road more than … Continue reading Minister’s Daughter

Amazon in Bohemian Clothes!

It does no good to look toward pain for, yet, another day. It will await me either way. IT will hold my hand, as it always does. Making love to me with ITS vicious touch. I will pay respect to the searing stab, as I always do. I will allot transgressions...their due.   But I … Continue reading Amazon in Bohemian Clothes!

My Swaggering Cave

Hints, affirmations, incidents of accidents? I am engrossed in your swagger. Your ritualistic offerings of all the matters. Tis only organic to wanting absolution from all my obsessions. Yet, some paths tread heaven as...a weapon. โˆž As of lately, I have been loosing sleep. Over indulgence. A book of revelation. Thus, whilst awake and on … Continue reading My Swaggering Cave

Ache of Promise

A walk among reservations. Tossing away toys from before. Falling like a wealth of depressions...into a provisional floor. Troubles...dragging me down. Nothing but self-imposed seclusion...uttering around. A fish tanked. Looking at an a far off shore. โŠ— But love dared me. And, offered tokens of my innocence as...reward. Conundrum of careful carefree chances. An … Continue reading Ache of Promise