Crimson Tears

  In the midst of a dusty thoroughfare, she stands there. Not a mystic. Nor, a mythical, vibrant, icon. As I stretch my needy hands ahead of me. Our distance gets longer. Between pictures of what I am hoping to see. And, the wanting that aches below my feet. ∞ I cherish these days. These … Continue reading Crimson Tears


My Pity Made of Cotton

It is an old, familiar blanket. One that has wrapped itself in the arms of many. One that swaddled my fears. And, has fed my hunger. Still there are times in which it seems less dear. Less near. ∞ Pity I cannot provide my shelter... Made of the finest soft cotton. Indulge my blanket with … Continue reading My Pity Made of Cotton

Tomorrow I Climb

Rolled out like a towel in the sand. Just enough to get the feet wet. The past soon washed up and took away my capacious plans. Tears still covering the pages of my amends.   Epic are the steps to a book... Prefaced with 'always ask to be forgiven.' And, with just a few words... … Continue reading Tomorrow I Climb

Minister’s Daughter

Rare... But there is possibility in limited reflection. Burdens on the verge of fevered detention. Shallow screams. And, spirits going bump in the night. Occasional,  end trails in sight.   Beautiful impostors flare up. Along the line of pretense. And, open a mythical gate.   Yet, well wishing has been down this road more than … Continue reading Minister’s Daughter

Amazon in Bohemian Clothes!

It does no good to look toward pain for, yet, another day. It will await me either way. IT will hold my hand, as it always does. Making love to me with ITS vicious touch. I will pay respect to the searing stab, as I always do. I will allot transgressions...their due.   But I … Continue reading Amazon in Bohemian Clothes!