Francis and the Garden

With the watering, came the changing, scattering of leaves. Along the line of vagrancy, came the thoughts. Mirrored images...of you. Of course, it is your time of year. Those Irish eye's laughing in the rain. Not to be overcome. Memories of you. Tears like a forest filled with dew.   A gold cross with a … Continue reading Francis and the Garden


Save All That is Red

The air swims above. Clenching onto summer's last kiss. Change is palatable. It agonizes over warmth. Fades like a sunset just missed. ≈ Self-righteous are my weathered thoughts. What will the winter bring? How soon before the thaw of next spring? ≈ What other ways be there to plunder around in the moss? Planning ahead … Continue reading Save All That is Red

10 Truths Today

Ten truths must you find during the day; otherwise you will seek truth during the night, and your soul will stay hungry. Ten times must you laugh during the day, and be cheerful; otherwise your stomach, the father of affliction and gloom, will disturb you in the night. Friedrich_Nietzsche