Randomly Selective Church Goer

I want to call them, the bobbing heads. Though, that does not seem right. Perhaps, it is in they way they crawl in on Saturday. Or, the manner, in which they pray on Sunday. One could search all theologies for a term. Yet, the 'randomly selective church' goer is the best...designation...I have heard. Always donning, … Continue reading Randomly Selective Church Goer

Elemental Diversity

  "It has been a lengthy trip wandering without the sun"  whispered, Old Man Winter...In Mother's tin ear. And, as it is well known...It had been, elemental diversity, that set the stone to Mother's career. Yet, with wooden hand and sawdust veins...Mother pulled the frigid curtain open.  Naturally, she drew the orange bulb of warmth...near. … Continue reading Elemental Diversity