the Day After Yesterday

Today, I watch the dogs frolic. As though, the mossy plot were brand new and clean. As though, the earth below them were all it seemed. Give sway! The elements recall it, a morn to a new day. With piney cones gathered in moss. And, fields asunder, haled and dressed. With hunter's revoked. And, the … Continue reading the Day After Yesterday


I Love Big Mutts

The winds blew dry whatever morning cares... there had been. Thus, a hike, had been ordered with the closest of friends. Though strife becomes toil. And, toil becomes the strife. A gust will pull up and, redefine what it is to live in a spotless mind.   Intervals of weather without sun. And, many a … Continue reading I Love Big Mutts

Quiet Resilience

He romps, rubs and sits in quiet resilience to... weather and time. And, almost everyday, within the confines of my chaotic mind... I ponder... 'Now this is the contentment I have been searching to find!' “Dogs are minor angels, and I don't mean that facetiously. They love unconditionally, forgive immediately, are the truest of friends, … Continue reading Quiet Resilience

an Unruly Pact

Both look back at me. As though, I should chastise their play. The sun... Bleaching their coats. With a turn of my head... I know. The unruly pack. Wishes for me to go... Where they dare to go. Both dogs... Forever, blind to the fact that... I am only human. Of a certain age... And, … Continue reading an Unruly Pact

Feral or Not

I had been told... "Stay away.  For close to a... full day.  Four kittens have come to pay a visit.  And, if you return too soon, a house run on riot.  Would be all that you see!" ... "Nothing but...Mess and toys and jingle bells cluttering the doorway.  Little tiny beings who have to stay!"