Outdoor Cat

I am thinking of us... I am thinking of you. Tenacity had always been your strong. point Universe? Where are you? Had there been something I did not do? ∇ Now a chameleon. Your animosity thrives in a coat of different colors. I still love you like no other. ∇ Now there is no replacement... … Continue reading Outdoor Cat

Interview with an Old Dog

Dog that has grown old. What use am I to you? Does the time we have shared encompass your bed? Do my words of comfort... Rest your weary head? Will our days of glory... Remind you of time being short? ♥ With confidence... Understand where this homily leads... You have protected me from monsters... Both … Continue reading Interview with an Old Dog

Lawless Cat

Like a lawless cat...sometimes the written word does not play by the rules! The Cat -  by Jibanananda Das All day I inevitably encounter a cat here and there In the shadow of trees or out in the sun, around the pile of fallen leaves; I catch sight of him, deeply engrossed like a bee, … Continue reading Lawless Cat