What to do with a 15 year old…18 pound, Cat

I sit at a keyboard with no letters.

I light a cigarette.

I stare at the venomous screen.

So much to say.

So little pushes through.

So far, I am in the…in-between.

Strong as my back is…built upon years of slaying dragons and their flies.

Far as my gaze can reach…daytime bats, the blue-jays, frolic and distort all that I wish to see.

And, of course, the pitter-patter of a fifteen year old, eighteen pound cat, he knows exactly where my mind is at.

He taunts me like a catholic mother.

Guilt ridden, I am side tracked…insight, will never just hover.

What a show to behold!

Therefore, I always embrace it.

For it is with certainty, recollections will fade…imagery will be less bold.

Cat Vs. Dog

The Dog had been forlorn-ed…as of late. He had been made sooty from rolling in the spring mud! Mud that held a similar odor to…damp socks kept in a glove compartment with an open Slim Jim.

People were avoiding the Dog. With his jowls hanging lower than low, his royal heritage waving good bye in the winds of fresh laid manure…the Dog had no choice but to turn to the wise one!

Sauntering up to the Cat with all the pride of a winning scratch ticket that went through the wash…

“What is righteousness? I seem to have lost the compass on that one!”

“If there is to be pureness of heart! It should not matter your coat looks like it came from the dime store!”

spoke the Cat.

The Dog hung his tongue about the outside of his muzzle in such away…anything edible would be collected. He pondered the Cats assumption and asked…

“What about beauty? All those pedigrees down at the dog park…quaffed, manicured, wearing fancy collars! They strut about with the grace of a well hung Great Dane!”

“Worry is unnecessary! Character and strong constitution builds harmony in the dog house!”

“This harmony…can I buy it at Chewy.com?”

The Cat has held much patience with the Dog. She always had…from kitten-hood to senior living, she had tolerated the Dog and his waggish behavior.

“When you harvest unity everyone, two legged and four…will find peace within and peace in the world.”

But…the Cat had more to pass along to the Dog…more wisdom, more tranquility…more grooming techniques…

“Let me put it as politely rude…as I can…”

‘the Dog who knows and knows that He knows…is a wise dog. The Dog who knows not and knows not that he knows…is a fool at the dog park.’

But the Dog had not witnessed the Cat’s last pearls of wisdom. As he is easily distracted and went about his business…rubbing his nastiness all over the newly purchased couch.

the Mrs.

The Mrs has been hanging around on the deck…as of late! We do not know where the Mrs. comes from. But the whole household is aware of the Mrs…

I don’t care cat-attitude!

This sexy and savvy feline has caught the eye of our sometimes…misguided, Bernie.

With the Bern not having opposing thumbs, I offered to put down on paper a personal ad:

I have been tired of my litter-mate! We’d been together almost all of our 9 lives. Like a worn down recording of Stay Cat Strut! One of my most favorite songs! So while she cat napped in the sun, I had my human read me the Cat Scratch Gazette…while I lay in the bed.

And, though my human isn’t the pick of the liter…she did suggest I take out a personal ad

Cat Style

Dear Mrs,

  • If you like warm milk on a cold night and chasing tail
  • If you can clean your privates while standing up
  • If you hold the human race with disdain
  • If you like making love even after you’re spayed

Then I’m the love that you’ve looked for, write to me and escape

Now cats aren’t made to be followers. We follow our own path. I gave no thought to my old lady. Cats are insensitive and tire quickly of the same old boring routine.

And, lo and behold, the Mrs…though nobody’s poet…wrote back.

Why do you think I keep stopping by your house? Yes, I like warm milk. Yes, my human is stupid. I’m not into Greenies but I am inclined to Temptations. Piss or get out of the liter-box, Bernie! Let’s cut through this red tape. Meet me down by the bird feeder and we’ll plan our escape.

Summer is coming soon and fuck knows…the Mrs will be crowded with admirers. So I strutted with high hopes as she walked about…tail in the air and full of grace.

I knew her smirk in and instant. I knew the curves of her luscious whiskers. It was my own lovely lady. **I’ve been telling the human, at 15 years old…my sight was not that great.

The Mrs., said,

Oh, its you!

And,with a Cheshire grin, I said,

After all these years…I never knew!

One Cool Cat


the Cool cat

The cool cat,
is just standing there.
The cool cat,
doesn’t even glare.
The cool cat,
thinks he’s so hot.
The cool cat,
doesn’t give a snot.
The cool cat,
doesn’t listen in class.
The cool cat,
thinks his better than the rest.
The cool cat,
really has no friends.
The cool cat,
smokes after school.
The cool cat,
left his family.
The cool cat,
is a player.
The cool cat,
has no prayers.
The cool cat,
has no savers.
The cool cat,
is one tough dude.
But really….
The cool cat,
is one big fool.
#Jasmine Aira

Speaking of the Sun

Here, there and everywhere, an acceptance of things I cannot change

the way the sun carries forth my soul

the way my hound…impeaches practicability like a troll.

Woeful lay…my expectations under an open sky.

Nonetheless…this is not a hike toward deep rooted, bulky…control.

Speaking to the glow on my skin…

Never in that…the questioning tone…

How I am made to feel unpredictable?

And in the ardor of freedom…am I remiss to ask,


Here, there and, everywhere…complacency will sit alone for the briefest of moments.

Seated at the right hand of a whistling southerly, breeze.

Hounds commence to frolic and play.

An aroma of roasted clover rises up.

Tomfoolery…lights the way.