Poised on a banister. Iron cast. Sheen fading fast. I answered my own demon... "No, need to tell me where my complacency is.  It is where I saw it last!"


Deport Me

I showed up at the border with a story of woe... "What brings your kind here?"  had been the Kind Words. ... "A footprint in the puddled masses.  A wrongful tint to once rose-colored glasses." ... An Unarmed Angry Man spoke, "We have no care for you!" ... "But I am only looking for the … Continue reading Deport Me

Behind Every Bouncing Plastic Bag

There's a lady who's sure All that glitters is gold And she's buying a stairway to heaven...Zepplin   The man in the black hat asked, "What makes you so sure?" A simple response... "Old insights and, of course, women's intuition!" ... A water, falling. No end insight. No need for a mother's prediction! No need … Continue reading Behind Every Bouncing Plastic Bag

Hopeless Sinner

If I ran too far away...Would the thoughts continue to haunt me?  Have I done enough?  Have there been changes due to my recourse? There is always a loss for me...When avoiding those with less than I! A young woman!  Do I question how she began her turmoil?  Eight months pregnant!  No more than twenty … Continue reading Hopeless Sinner

Outdoor Cat

I am thinking of us... I am thinking of you. Tenacity had always been your strong. point Universe? Where are you? Had there been something I did not do? ∇ Now a chameleon. Your animosity thrives in a coat of different colors. I still love you like no other. ∇ Now there is no replacement... … Continue reading Outdoor Cat