What Happened with Our Conversation?

"What happens to all our 'good talks' with those we love, and how can we hope to remember the tiniest fragment of them... with the warmth and affection in those voices, the gentle kindliness in those eyes? But it is these that would reveal us; it is there that we are to be found." Julian … Continue reading What Happened with Our Conversation?

The Gleam in her Eyes

I cannot pull my hair taunt with gleam. Never wanted beautiful...with picture perfect theme. No more to place-mats with Irish names. No, amen, to turned out, cowered women. Women of porcelain design.   As sure as, the red river flows. A Devil may care. Of that, I am aware.   Two way mirrors, in broken … Continue reading The Gleam in her Eyes

Love Proudly

My only stint in rehab...required going to 'detox' first.  At Sobriety Maintenance, of which I got a degree that could not compare to any others I had, there were many life experiences...Many that cannot be replaced.  That, in truth,  I had been schooled...to which I always thought, 'You can't con a con!' But it did … Continue reading Love Proudly