Sometimes we know, sometimes we don’t
Sometimes we give, sometimes we won’t
Sometimes we’re strong, sometimes we’re wrong
Sometimes we cry
Sometimes it’s bad when the going gets tough
When we look in the mirror and we want to give up
Sometimes we don’t even think we’ll try
Sometimes we cry
Well we’re gonna have to sit down and think it right through
If we’re only human what more can we do
The only thing to do is eat humble pie
Sometimes we cry
‘Fore they put me in a jacket, and they take me away
I’m not gonna fake it like Johnnie Ray
Sometimes we live, sometimes we die
Sometimes we cry
Sometimes we can’t see anything straight
Sometimes everybody is on the make
Sometimes it’s lonely on the lost highway
Sometimes we cry, sometimes we cry.
Tough Days –
Sometimes, I cry.  Though, I am so happily intertwined with another.  But, without a second thought…I open my eyes.  My ears…My throat…My mind…All surfaces that go beyond my lover, my animals, my small space…
It saddens me.
The world.
The world I had been shown.
My unforgiving father.
My too docile mother.
Siblings to the cause.
What have we done?
Where can we go?
I cry!
No reason why.