Turning Over Ache

Nestled in the arms of a foothill, discomfort is aware of my ache.

Though the sky etches out a glorious sun…is it forsaken?

There is no warmth from the ground below.

I push this transition further and further into the granite strings to my heart.

Whether heaven be above awash in blue hue or…below in what is home.

Remorse prefer I walk alone.


Ache of Promise

A walk among reservations.

Tossing away toys from before.

Falling like a wealth of depressions…into a provisional floor.

Troubles…dragging me down.

Nothing but self-imposed seclusion…uttering around.

A fish tanked.

Looking at an oasis…at a far off shore.

But love dared me.

And, offered tokens of my innocence as…reward.

Conundrum of careful carefree chances.

An ache of promise…kept or deceived.

For infinity…a bite of love’s risk.

Forever, a mishap…on which I feed.

Starve the Ache


If I saw her I would have run.  But the shadowy figure had been me…and, I know what that means.

Just a hop, skip and a jump!  As, I am aware of every morning.  Even that athletic tussle…would not set me…free.

Awareness and chronic pain go hand in hand.

You cannot ignore…What you can no longer stand.

In the midst of night dreams.  There are aggressive ‘let me out!’  Bouts of terror.

Within the scope of words and phrases…I have searched.

Nothing has prevailed.

Deep-rooted is the ache that lives with me on earth.

Drowning in Desire

drowning in desire 3

Between everything purposeful

Between the wishes for rain

Lies…a stockpile of liquid pain.

Twisted ties of what remains



Sunken battles

forgotten possessions.

drowning in desire 2

Careless love, who knew.

Careless love.

It was never up to you.

Careless love.

There is only so much you can do.

Imagine a world vacant of stormy weather


had not two worlds met.

For not one of us…

is truly desperate.

drowning in desire 1

To wish away the ache

Clamor for forever fair weather.

Would only tarry

                                           what lovers had known before.

Tis, far better to have loved…carelessly

Than to have stood naked, heart in hand…

at a closed door.

Lucinda Williams
Think about you and that long ride I bite my nails I get weak inside.  Reach over and turn off the light… It’s right on time.