Coward of the Coalition

I am witness to the sign of our times.

How do I fit into a room full of designer names…

With my broken sandal?

Quiet corrective-ness is typically more than I can handle.

My first impression…

They are the news of the week.

And, I the scandal.


Acting up has forever been sewn into the lining of my character.

There are many who know where I have been.

And, they have been there too.

Just in another part of the zoo.


So, with the grace of a fallen angel.

I tuck my angry lesbian cape into the hem of my flea market shorts.

No doubt…

I came for a fight.

The LL Bean models…

Have too.

A Higher Power sends me a gentle reminder.

Everyone who wants a seat at the table…

Desires justice to have her due.

Just as I do!


When Hate Walks In


When love walks in the room…


when hate rises from the cluttered culvert…

No attention served.

Least of all, never as notable as a, piercing, raven’s coo.  

That touches every last nerve.

Only human, after all,

When pleading…

we have had no hand to the inhuman awl.


When fiendish fences,

our neighbor’s install.

How happy am I?

Daily meditation…

sedation without medication.

Careless, carefree,

earthbound warrior…

Willing to act up.

But invariably,

with hesitation.






Trojan Horse

Justice cannot stand still while we are walking.

While walking, there can be no remorse.

It is a matter, for it’s own course.

Within the blind, unfolds a Trojan horse.

Right outside the screen doors, phantoms of hoarders,

edging around the borders.

Paranoia going up in smoke,

raining on a dimly lit fire of hope.

life 5

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”

=Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow