Meaning While in Scouting News!

The Boy Scouts of America declare bankruptcy due to continued allegations of sexual abuse!

While the Girl Scouts of America become the entrepreneurs they were always meant to be!

Girl Scouts set up stall outside Chicago weed dispensary, sell ‘several hundred’ boxes

A Path of Thorns

the parting out of today's misguided many


What are you feeling right now?
Tell me honestly
Are you crying? And, did you take something for the anxiety?


Twenty-Something Dialogue-


Just down
Trying not to cry…
She just doesn’t understand how miserable she made me…a good reason why I drank so much was because of her!
She’s always turning the tables so it’s about her and not me!
I might cry because all I want is to be with you and I will never have you fully. My mother doesn’t get me, my friends just want me to get drunk and I have nowhere I can go. I don’t know how to live on my own.
Let’s just skip the Skype tonight…
You were right; it does suck to have hurtful things said. So I will see you tomorrow.
I can’t take back what I said
I can only try and make it up to you…


So, then I stood back and tried to understand her better.
Sometimes she liked it rough, sex, that is.
Sometimes she liked it, quiet and meaningful and lasting, anything but the sex.
Most the time she wanted me to take control until she was ready to steer the wheel.
That was how our relationship had been in and  outside of sex.


I understand it better now…


What is difficult for every adult? I mean persons with an ego, making decisions, taking care of others more than themselves, persons unlike those born in the last twenty years or so.
What the drastic difference is and always will be; the lack of complete and total engagement in ideas that seem so remote they couldn’t even start a fire doused in kerosene.
Ambien Grace’s and Gracie Williams and Annie’s and Brittany’s and Mercedes and Kayla’s seem to believe that being different can be as common as a cold and should be taken easily and with it’s my right, I earned it attitude.  While all the time buying into the propaganda of live streamed life.


“Vast as the sea and deep as you can be!”
Is not a statement that revolves around the Skype Junkies and the Toilet Queens of Bulimic Bigotry? These children who profess to want deep and meaningful relationships spend all their money on love and not an ounce on foresight.
Prime example, take one twenty-something who says something along the lines of ‘I just don’t want to talk about it tonight…I want to go get some ice cream…you know talking about my mother upsets me!’
Life is upsetting. Relationships via platonic or lasting are beyond upsetting. Yet, they are what hold us together. Makes two seem like one and even when the division doesn’t seem to work, you find another way around the equation.
Frightening as it seems the generation before mine, the Baby Boomers; are left in the hands of scads of adults still fighting for a cause. The scenario that dismays is not that we cannot change the world we have been given. It is that the generation trailing has put all they have learned into acronym boxes and sent them via text to others with the same mindset.
If it’s a broken relationship don’t fix it. If it’s a busted heart do not mend it. If it is a matter of two roads diverged in the woods…always, always, always, stir clear of the path with roses for there may be some thorns.