an Unruly Pact

Both look back at me. As though, I should chastise their play. The sun... Bleaching their coats. With a turn of my head... I know. The unruly pack. Wishes for me to go... Where they dare to go. Both dogs... Forever, blind to the fact that... I am only human. Of a certain age... And, … Continue reading an Unruly Pact


Adopting Me

Each passing year... All the more, she limps back to me. Sometimes openly. Usually, discretely. ∇ I assume... She has seen me do the same. And, though, she is far wiser than me. We both know... Neither one of us is to blame.  

Diligent Huntress

An appearing whim. Like the flight of a wingless, windless, bird. Speechless but gregarious. His movements lopsided and absurd. And... There she is. Serious as, a fact. Diligent huntress always on track. No, to the same. No, to the gallop. No, to the strut. Separate as, the fur line to their hackles. The strain to … Continue reading Diligent Huntress

the Middle Stooge

"I pack them up.  As if they have a choice!   Course, it has been sometime, since they have had no voice.  And, as always, 90's Reggae, is the preferred noise.   I have watched them grow. They have watched me age. There is never any wonder as to who is the wiser Sage. It … Continue reading the Middle Stooge