The Animal Lover’s Final Word

...Chatting, thoughtlessly, as is typically an animal lover's way.  With the ease and commonality of a gentle, slight damp, summer's wind. A small, semi-circle gathered around my floating words. My dog asked my cat... "What is the final word?" Perplexed by such as an unencumbered question... My cat queried... "The word you didn't understand at … Continue reading The Animal Lover’s Final Word


the Day After Yesterday

Today, I watch the dogs frolic. As though, the mossy plot were brand new and clean. As though, the earth below them were all it seemed. Give sway! The elements recall it, a morn to a new day. With piney cones gathered in moss. And, fields asunder, haled and dressed. With hunter's revoked. And, the … Continue reading the Day After Yesterday

I Love Big Mutts

The winds blew dry whatever morning cares... there had been. Thus, a hike, had been ordered with the closest of friends. Though strife becomes toil. And, toil becomes the strife. A gust will pull up and, redefine what it is to live in a spotless mind.   Intervals of weather without sun. And, many a … Continue reading I Love Big Mutts

Quiet Resilience

He romps, rubs and sits in quiet resilience to... weather and time. And, almost everyday, within the confines of my chaotic mind... I ponder... 'Now this is the contentment I have been searching to find!' “Dogs are minor angels, and I don't mean that facetiously. They love unconditionally, forgive immediately, are the truest of friends, … Continue reading Quiet Resilience

an Unruly Pact

Both look back at me. As though, I should chastise their play. The sun... Bleaching their coats. With a turn of my head... I know. The unruly pack. Wishes for me to go... Where they dare to go. Both dogs... Forever, blind to the fact that... I am only human. Of a certain age... And, … Continue reading an Unruly Pact