I Love Big Mutts

The winds blew dry whatever morning cares... there had been. Thus, a hike, had been ordered with the closest of friends. Though strife becomes toil. And, toil becomes the strife. A gust will pull up and, redefine what it is to live in a spotless mind.   Intervals of weather without sun. And, many a … Continue reading I Love Big Mutts


Quiet Resilience

He romps, rubs and sits in quiet resilience to... weather and time. And, almost everyday, within the confines of my chaotic mind... I ponder... 'Now this is the contentment I have been searching to find!' “Dogs are minor angels, and I don't mean that facetiously. They love unconditionally, forgive immediately, are the truest of friends, … Continue reading Quiet Resilience

Diligent Huntress

An appearing whim. Like the flight of a wingless, windless, bird. Speechless but gregarious. His movements lopsided and absurd. And... There she is. Serious as, a fact. Diligent huntress always on track. No, to the same. No, to the gallop. No, to the strut. Separate as, the fur line to their hackles. The strain to … Continue reading Diligent Huntress

Lawless Cat

Like a lawless cat...sometimes the written word does not play by the rules! The Cat -  by Jibanananda Das All day I inevitably encounter a cat here and there In the shadow of trees or out in the sun, around the pile of fallen leaves; I catch sight of him, deeply engrossed like a bee, … Continue reading Lawless Cat

Milling About and Mulling It Over

Milling about. Mulling things over. Not something I am known for. But fortunate me. I haven't far to go to find basic reverie. Fur lined logs. One size, does not fit all. Plodding about in myths of greener pastures. Happily unaware of the here...and, hereafter.