The Truth of a Dog

She had lost part of the day 2

She had lost…a friend.

And, for the first time in a long while, I turned the car radio down.

I had pushed pass a time to begin…again.

My intention?

To pay attention to all the passing souls.

To give notice towards those for whom the bell has toll-ed.

And, as I flipped through the pages of memories.

I felt…

‘what a basic human need to concede…’

Give reverence to a friend’s remorse.

I wept audibly with the hum of my car.

Embracing those I had known.

How palpably they had gone.

But the gifts they gave.

They were never…too far.

Not too soon…Not too much later…

Her loss became my loss.

Than as if planned…

a spotted paw.

My dog’s intrinsic gesture to revoke the heart from breaking.

Not a genuflection of annoyance.

But a touch for understanding.

The mournful to look in his eyes…

Meant grief did not need to be just mine…for the undertaking.

I did not fall in love with him.  He fell in love with me.  He had seen  in me…all the good things I could not see.  The brashness in my style.  The progressing lack of smile.  Yet, during my indifference…he has been there all the while.

dog day 2

the Cat Profit

Cat Style



If you sat with your arms around me…

Would that have meant you mean no harm?

Could it represent…a truce?

Silly human!

There is no such thing as…ownership!

Lie in the contentment that you knew love for a moment.

Lavish in the idea that time is comical disregard for truth.

Love yourself as no other.

Hold fast to fleeting joy…


that which you do not understand!

You’re Nobody

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Happiness is not a matter of circumstance; it is dependent on the torrents of our thinking.

Amen, Sista!  So much crap in the way.  Money, relationships, death, love.  Difficult are the tide of thinkers! I mind horde!  Clutter what little space there is left with objects and objectives to which I have no control.

I had forgotten.  And, tend to, from time to time.  The Big Easy!

An Inventory of Happiness:

  • Brushed Cotton
  • When a dog sticks his head out of a car window.  !! And, he does not have to be my dog.
  • Broken-in Boxer Briefs.  Soft but well elasticized.
  • My Superball collection.
  • When my dog greets me at the door.
  • When my spouse greets me at the door.
  • Getting into trouble.
  • Getting out of trouble.
  • Listening and singing to… ##You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You…Sing it, believe it and give love proudly!
  • Sardines on Ritz crackers.
  • As always, a walk in the woods…Alone!  Or, with a good friend.



Rainbow Bridge Revisited


During my morning, daily reflection; I not only thank my Higher Power for all the gifts I have received.  I thank Her for every animal who has graced my life.

…Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives.

  • John Galsworthy


A dog not only gives what they have; they give to us….everything they are!

Bold is the way of a… Beabull


The only miscalculated prospect about walking in the woods with a headstrong dog?  He would just assume leave you to…chase the wind or scrounge in places he does not belong!