What Would Kafka Do?

The era of cyberspace, chat-rooms,selfies…Has led into a new and improved form of adult bullying.   It is everywhere we go…

First the spoken/written/texted word…and, then maybe a passing thought…

‘Have I taken the time to walk in another’s shoes!


“We are as forlorn as children lost in the wood. When you stand in front of me and look at me, what do you know of the griefs that are in me and what do I know of yours? And if I were to cast myself down before you and tell you, what more would you know about me that you know about Hell when someone tells you it is hot and dreadful?”



Gag Order

rumors 8

rumor 4

‘If everyone took time each

morning to air their own

dirty laundry.  We’d all be

walking ’round in our

birthday suits come


Gag Order...